The one and only Virtual Country Club for Trademark Owners, helping Bizpreneurs™ Secure The Brand® like Moguls.

Welcome! Our community of biz owners isn't just another entrepreneur support group. The Owner's Club is an exclusive membership created for trademark owners. Trademark Owners are serious about securing their brand. The Owner's Club was created to help you maintain, watch, and enforce your trademark rights in addition to giving you entrepreneurial education that grows your bizness.

Is The Owner's Club the community for you?

Find out if our community is right for you.

Our membership is great for biz owners of all types. Check out the Bizpreneurs™ below to figure out which one sounds like you to know if this is the entrepreneurship community for you.

The Side-Hustler

You work a 9-5 & run your business 5-9.

The Side-Hustler is the ultimate hustler. You work for pay by day and make your own money by night. You may aspire to leave your full-time job one day, but you're enjoying the benefits of 9-5 for now. Or you might not ever want to leave your 9-5, and that's fine, too! Either way, you were born a hustler and you're grinding to win at entrepreneurship! You're looking for community to help you elevate to reach your next biggest business goals!

The Serial Entrepreneur

You're a business builder.

This isn't your first business, so you understand that entrepreneurship isn't easy and can be very lonely for small business owners. You want community and help from experts that will actually bring value to the wealth of knowledge you already have. You're playing to win!

The Full-Time Mogul

You're a full-time CEO.

You're living your best life as a full-time business owner, but full-time entrepreneurship brings struggles of its own. You're looking for community and expert advice to help you run your business like a major corporation. You want to minimize the time you're spending on your business while maximizing your income. You're ready for the next level of entrepreneurship and don't want to make it to the top alone!

Join our exclusive virtual country club today.

Join to be a part of the only community that's helping you secure & protect the rights to your trademark and providing business development skills at the same time. Being a part of The Owner's Club means showing you how to handle your business when it comes to copycats that could lower the value of your brand due to misuse of your Trademark.

About the Membership

Learn about what's included in our exclusive membership.

  • Monthly Expert Masterclasses

    Get monthly access to masterclasses focused on entrepreneurship, business, 6-7 figure goal-setting, business law, and trademark law. The goal of these sessions are to help you Secure the Brand® like a mogul. Each masterclass will be taught live by an industry expert and the recording will be made available to all members later.

  • Trademark Watch & Monitoring Services

    Each month you will receive a watch report that will provide information about trademarks that have been filed. This report allow you to watch your trademark. After you've filed your trademark application, we will send you a report to assist you in the event you need to enforce your legal rights to protect it. This will help prevent someone from filing a mark against your trademark.

  • Cease & Desist Letter Template

    Take action on your own with this template letter that you can send if someone is infringing upon your rights as a trademark owner. Instead of trying to find the right words to say, we provide you with a template letter of exactly what to say to legally protect and enforce your brand rights against copycats.

  • Monthly Expert Q&A Sessions

    Get exclusive sessions with expert Bizpreneurs™ and attorneys to ask questions about business, entrepreneurship, law and so much more. These are live Q&A sessions that you'll be able to ask questions and get immediate responses!

  • Annual Members-Only Event

    As a member, you'll get invited to our exclusive members-only event. This is to bring all our Biz Owners together to network, learn, and grow. These in-person or virtual all-day retreats will be just what you need to refresh and level up like a mogul.

  • On-Demand Private Community Chat

    Whether you have a question, want to network with others, or you just want to learn from others' conversations, our private community chat will be the place where you can connect with our community. This is where our Bizpreneurs™ thrive, grow, and learn together.

Membership Bonuses

Get instant access to these BONUSES when you join today!

  • 3-Day Biz Security Series Webinar

    This is a 3-Day Series that will teach you how to Secure The Brand via Trademark Law, how to Secure The Bizness via Contract Law, and how to Secure The Bag via Business Formation Laws and other practices. This will be a great opportunity to learn the legal fundamentals for a Bizpreneurs.

  • Exclusive Member Discounts

    All Members will receive a 15% Discount on any future R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C. Services they engage in while being a member of The Owner’s Club!

The Owner's Club Member Pricing Options

Choose the membership payment option that's right for you.

Join our exclusive community today.

Join to be a part of the only community that's helping you protect & keep the rights to your trademark. Being a part of The Owner's Club means you're protecting your business from copycats that could devalue your brand.

Meet the Biz Lawyer, Rosezena J. Pierce

Trademark Attorney & Lead Bizpreneur™

Rosezena I Pierce is the founder of The Owner's Club and is a Chicago native, Entrepreneur, Wife, and mother who is very passionate about educating her clients and entrepreneurs by providing trademark legal services to protect their brand and the value of their artistry and business. Rosezena loves working with people in the beauty industry and small business owners. Some of her clients consist of hip hop recording artists, stylists, salon owners, restaurant owners, fashion designers, artist managers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, community activists, music producers, photographers, videographers, coaches, and many more. Rosezena has been practicing and serving as an entrepreneur for almost 7 years now. In 2019, she was named as one of the Top 100 Trademark Attorneys in the US. She has filed over 800 Trademarks to date. Rosezena is licensed to practice law by the State of Illinois. Rosezena is a proud member of the Chicago Bar Association of Chicago (IPLAC), and Black Entertainment and Sports Law Association (BESLA). She also is dedicated to community service and serves on the Board of Directors for Lawndale Christian Legal Center.

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The Therapy Bar

There's so much to gain!

You have nothing to lose...

  • Gain confidence to be able to make sound, educated decisions as a CEO

  • Confidently protect your brand and trademark from copycats

  • Gain accountability as you go after your biggest goals

  • Gain access to an exclusive community of trademark owners to celebrate your wins and air your grievances

  • Gain exclusive group access to The Biz Lawyer on a monthly basis

Membership Qualifications

  • You must be a trademark owner and entrepreneur

  • You must be a motivated business owner who takes your goals seriously

  • You must be a go-getter who won't quit easily

  • You must be committed to being present and consistent in the community


  • Once I become a monthly member can I get a refund?

    There are no refunds once you have signed up for the membership, but you are allowed to cancel with a 30-day advance notice.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, you may cancel your membership with a 30-Day advance notice. For example, if your monthly payment is every 10th of the month and you cancel on the 15th of the month, your next payment will be billed the following 10th of that month but will stop as of the 15th.

  • Do I have to commit to be a member for a period of time?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Does my trademark have to be filed by R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C. to be a part of this membership?

    No, this membership is available for any trademark owner regardless of if you've filed your trademark with us or not.